Franco-Balkanic Art and Culture


FRABAAC Perspectives is a non-profit organization registered and based in Pristina (Kosovo). It is a multidisciplinary cultural project. It aims at organizing, producing, promoting cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts, performances, enhancing cultural exchanges between Kosovo, the Balkans and France, developing the skills of the cultural actors in Kosovo, offering activities with cultural and educational goals. Through time FRABAAC aims at promoting and exchanging cultural and artistic trends between Balkans, France and also the rest of the world.

Who we are?

FRABAAC was founded on December, 07th, 2015.

What we do?

Exhibitions: curating, producing works, consulting, workshops, mediation, conferences

Cultural activities: children, residency programs, information, tourism consultancy, promotional events and actions

Professional: Trainings, meetings, PR, consultancy

soon to come also FRABAACAFE +++
The cafe is here to supports the goals of the organization being the ideal place for meetings, brainstorming, discovering nice products, and attending cultural events such as concerts and debates.